Surely on more than one occasion you have heard say that Remy hair extensions are the best, which are the maximum in the market. But what exactly does Remy mean?

Remy natural hair is a hair with a higher economic cost than another type of hair. Therefore, and as a general rule, distrust the hair extensions sold as Remy hair at an economic price, this is the first sign to distrust. The natural hair Remy is an expensive hair, and more and more!

Remy hair is human hair that is cut and then sewn or tied keeping the cuticle in its natural direction, or in other words, not altering the position of its roots and its tips. A more detailed explanation about the process of extracting raw material for remy hair extensions is that the hairdresser combs the hair by making a ponytail and proceeds to cut on the side closest to the root or to the scalp. Finally this position is preserved intact to start the sewing process.

It is because of this delicate procedure that remy hair extensions have better ventilation, that is, it has less chance of entanglement or frizz because the cuticles go in the same direction.


It is important to mention the relevance of the cuticles, as you will see, these are the small particles that cover the hair strand and have the appearance of scale. All of them have the same address. But when the hair is positioned in a way that the strands are in opposite directions, chaotic entanglements are generated. Now you wonder, what are actually hair extensions that are not remy? Well, when hair intended for making extensions or wigs is randomly chosen, regardless of where the root and tip are, and then completely remove the cuticle to reduce friction and with this entanglement, it is called hair indicted. In short lengths it is often used to make wigs without giving much trouble, but when it is long it tends to become entangled more easily.

 It is very difficult to distinguish a Remy hair from a processed hair or a natural hair (not Remy hair) . Unless you are a hair professional it is easy to fall for the hoax. Although there is a way to find out, and this is proven by rubbing with a finger of hair in the direction of growth, if you notice that there are hairs that tend to follow the finger, indeed, that are the cuticles that go in the opposite direction and This hair is not Remy hair .

Now that you know which extensions of remy hair refers solely and exclusively to the collection that respects the position of the strands of hair, you will be able to realize your purchases with greater awareness

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