Tracking time has been in the history for many centuries. People were checking a position of the sun to track the time and with this, the sundials were invented. The clocks were being invented from 1300 A.D. but it was said that they were not showing the correct time. After that many innovations were made and finally a portable watch was out in 1504. It was portable to carry but still, it was not accurate but soon became famous among many people. People keep on innovating and finally, accurate watches were made. The people wanted something more like a fashionable and accurate watches. Then Charles Tissot who is a Swiss watchmaker introduced pocket watches which were fashionable and accurate too. He started making watches from 1853 and till not his zegarki tissot watches is a status symbol around the world.

Mass production of pocket watches

There were companies at that time who were selling watches just to make profits. Then there was Tissot watches who were producing watches in large number. Their watches were having accurate times, two different time zones and a fashion symbol. At that time Tissot was only selling products to Swiss market only.  At that time there were stores where one has to visit it make a purchase. Now anyone is able to purchase these magnificent zegarki tissot watches from Once Tissot son visited Russia to gather material for their new watches and it was that time he realized that their watches are famous in that continent. Since then people were selling Tissot watches in their stores.

Innovating ideas that keep on growing

Tissot was not only selling a common type of watches from the beginning. They were looking forward in the future and kept on working in it. In 1953 they were able to produce watches for was telling 24 time zones time. The plastic era of watches started from 1971 where the metals parts where changed with plastic parts. They started making analog-digital watches by 1986 which were popular among kids and many adult people. The hand gesture watch was manufactured by Tissot in 2008. This changed how the world sees the watches and brought a new change in the market. With these watches, a person was able to check alarm, a compass for navigating, temperature check and much more. The people liked this idea as they were having all essential things in one watch which was on their hands.


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