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Sunifiram, called as DM-235, is the highly exciting developments in the nootropics, potentially offering the powerful cognitive boost all along with energy and mood enhancement. Sunifiram is the recent discovery, and there’s only the limited research accessible till now, however preliminary animal studies also indicate that it can be the effective nootropic. It’s believed to be the potential treatment for various neurological disorders that includes Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease, and amnesia. There are no serious side effects identified, although research is still ongoing. There are no documented studies and clinical trials that involve humans, and animal studies recommend that sunifiram is well-tolerated and safe for use.

neurological disorders

Benefits and Effects

  • Improved motivation and focus: Sunifiram users often report that it provides them with better concentration and focus and improves motivation to tackle & complete any mental tasks, and the animal studies generally tend to bear it out. Motivation and focus enhancement effects can be attributable to a fact that sunifiram generally facilitates release of acetylcholine neurotransmitter, closely associated with the cognitive ability.
  • Learning & memory: Sunifiram is proven to be the powerful nootropic, and delivering some measurable improvements in speed learning, memory recall and retention. Animal studies also showed that sunifiram will not just improve performance in tasks, but it reversed the chemically-induced amnesia.
  • Energy and mood booster: Lots of users also report that sunifiram provides them more of energy and brighter and happier outlook.
  • Depression and anxiety management: Although animal studies do not suggest sunifiram acts as the anti-depressant and anxiety reliever, some of the users report it has got these effects. And these effects might be explained in part to the actions as ampakine, and compound that interacts to glutamatergic AMPA receptors & acts as the mild stimulant.
  • High sex drive: The significant percentage of the users report sunifiram has got distinct & noticeable aphrodisiac properties, and it increases interest in sex. And this effect does not appear universal and hasn’t been replicated in the animal studies.
  • Visual and perceptual enhancement: Whereas user reports of the visual and the perceptual improvements are very far from universal, lots of people say taking sunifiram generally gives them the brighter outlook in the literal sense, and making colors more vibrant.

How it Works

Although sunifiram is the piracetam derivative, has diverse chemical structure from racetams. It is classed chemically as the piperazine alkaloid. It’s known to work best in 2 ways, as ampakine that stimulates activity of the glutamine receptors and cholinergic that increases release and production of acetylcholine.

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