The need for taking drug tests has become much important these days. This is because many individuals especially young people get to use drugs for fun and entertainment with friends and they either used to it or get addicted to it later. Employers require the candidates to pass drug test as an important process in the recruitment. Though the person have ceased from such habit they would have impact of drugs in any way in their mind or body. Therefore employers want to ensure the candidates to pass the drug test so that they would hire them.

Weeds, marijuana and THC

The one of the most used drug is smoking weeds, which is also called as Marijuana. This drug is not safer at any cost and like other drugs, the person that uses this drug will also have chemical traces in their blood. The chemical found in marijuana weed is called as THC. The THC chemical will be deposited in the body so the person that plans for detoxification. The one of the most important drug test is hair follicle test that is taken to identify the presence of drug molecules in the hair. This is taken for different purposes and mainly most of the employers use this to screen the candidates during employment. There are many different ways to pass the drug test but it is best to learn how to pass a hair drug test home remedy.

Home remedy to pass the drug test

Shave it all off

 When it comes to drug test people commonly think that they can shave the hair completely to go for testing. Actually the hair follicle test can be taken using your chest hair and underarm hair also. If you step in to the lab with shaved head and also other parts of the body, you will be disqualified. Hence, you have to initially stop using weeds for some days before the test and shave all the hair. So, when the new hair grows, the chance of weed metabolites in the hair will be less and you can pass the test.

 Use detox shampoo

Find the best detox shampoo in the market so that you can wash your hair more than 6 times to detox your hair from drug metabolites and you can pass the test easily. This is another method.

Rinse with Vinegar

Rinse your hair with white vinegar and leave it for soaking for sometime may be some 15 minutes, then apply salicylic acid and leave both vinegar and this acid for 30 minutes and finally apply liquid detergent and wash the hair.

These are some of the working methods that you can try at your home. Get more information regarding hair follicle test so that you can use the best method using which you can pass the drug test.


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