Medical Science has developed a lot in the last few centuries. The concepts of traditional medical practices have changed and we have developed exponentially. The Medical facilities are of the best quality. People don’t restrict themselves with conventional medical treatment; they are open to try new treatment procedures as well.  That being said, a new type of treatment procedure is coming to limelight recently.  This procedure is called the Aesthetic medical procedure, aesthetic clinic malaysia .

What are Aesthetic Medicines?

Aesthetic Medicine is a non invasive technique. It is different from the cosmetic surgery procedures and it does not require General Anesthetic to undergo a procedure. It is less time consuming, some of these procedures are so short and quick that, it can be done with a time span of 30 minutes or at the maximum 1 hour. The main reason for this type of procedure is to restore your good looks and youthful appearance. These are done by various ways e.g. botulinum Type A toxin injectables. People whose skin is pale, full of wrinkles and has sagged prematurely, laser treatment is used for them, to keep the glow of the skin intact. This procedure is used to cure skin laxity, scars, wrinkles, liver spots, cellulite, excessive fat etc. Basically Aesthetic medicines improve the beautification of an individual.

A few of the Popular Procedures

Fillers: This is done to make thin lips look more plump and full. It also helps in the stoppage of wrinkles by smoothing the features of the face and also decreases the amount of scars.

PRP: It is nothing but plasma infused with a high dosage of platelets which is 4 to 5 times larger than we usually find in our blood. This procedure is done mostly to make the skin look brighter and fresher and renews the skin’s dead cells.

Pigment Laser:  This technique is done with the help of a Revlite Pigment Laser. It focuses on the excessive melanin accumulated areas, isolating it and during the process clearing and making the affected area lighter and brighter giving the skin a fairer look.

There are few more procedures which fall under Aesthetic Medicines, aesthetic clinic malaysia  namely, Skin Tightening, anti wrinkle of Skin, CoolSculpting, Thread Lift, Hair Removal, Tattoo Removal, Stretch Marks Removal etc. All these procedures fall under Aesthetic Medicines.

Malaysians love their youthful look, as a matter of fact all of us do. Now a day’s cosmetic procedures are getting lot of hype and popularity globally. Most of them are non invasive and less time consuming. The demand for this particular service has increased seven times since the last ten years. This clearly shows the acceptance of Aesthetic procedures is very famous in the Malaysia region.

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