Well this artifact dedicated to all those who once were victimized in terms of body shaming. More than half million population of the world is now facing the issues related to overweight. But before treating such or starting a diet an individual need to understand his or her situation and causes of overweight issues. Some overweight issues may be due to genetic disorders, some might be due to thyroid glands disorder or outcome of some of the lifestyle disorders. Hence treating of such problems will be different as well. Thus Mirla Sabino a young Italian who was also the victim of body shaming. But eventually she stands against the process and worked hard to fetch the long-awaited bikini body.

About the workout

Mirla, the beautiful Italian girl once gave a surprise visit to her family. But during such time she received the greatest surprise of her life. Her own sister welcomed her by calling a whale. Her weight was too much that her sister jokingly called her so. Thought she used to be overweight throughout her childhood as well as teenage days. Due to such fact her self-confidence tends to be low and she refused to socialize much. After completion of school she traveled to America for higher studies, where the situation pretty much gone out of control. The situation was pretty depressed as well as she was ashamed of her body. Though she tried to follow a diet regime from online help but it seemed it really did not work out. Some days it was really impossible for him to make actual food and not going out and eat. Also the cost of healthy diet was pretty expensive. Still she tried Ber level best to lose weight. But what made her really upset are her sister’s words. She pretty much felt very ashamed to be into her own skin and locked herself.

Dramatic weight loss part

You can check her inspirational story just simply typing Body guide by Mirla Sabino. Now the reason behind including the above mentioned part is, whatever would be your situation, a perfect workout as well as diet regime will always help you to fight body shaming issues. At her Instagram handle she found Kayla Itsines bikini body guide. It was divided into three parts, BBG workout guide you should start of, the follow-up guide and the diet plan. After following such Mirla was successful to lose a good amount of weight and was able to rock bikini for the first time in her life.


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