Nowadays beauty care treatments are more becoming more popular people, this is because of the increased interested in people towards their beauty consciousness. One of the major reasons for such increased beauty awareness is that they are capable of influencing the business flow of an organization or an individual to a great extent. This is because as people became more civilized and adapted to various cultural practices, people tend to define the by their appearance. And in the recent decades, such appearance factors play a major role in attaining more of people’s attention.As a result, it has become the predominant factor in determining the growth of the business domain. So the majority of the people tend to remain fair in order to make a positive influence among people. As a result, many of the beauty treatment centers are made available today. And with the development of the technology these treatment methods also greatly vary. One of such improved beauty treatment would include the manicure treatments in which the beauty of the hands is enhanced. And it mostly deals with the coloring of the nails and its associated activities. One of such modern method would include the solar nails.  Being one among the advanced treatment some might even question what are solar nails? And the complete information about these solar nails and its related features are discussed in detail below.

Solar nails and its features!

One of the most traditional methods of treating nails would include the usage of the nail polishes. However, with time people tend to get bored with the nail polishes as they are not durable and also do not meet up the expectations of people. As a result, various efforts were made to find the desired alternative for the improved beauty care treatment. And the manicure is one among such treatment that makes use sod the artificial nails that provide the desired results. Here it consists of the plastic tip extensions that are placed onto the nails and multi-layer acrylic compounds are coated onto it. Here the nails are subjected to the primer coating followed by the acrylic solution and the white powder compounds that settle on the surface of the nail and forms the desired service. However, the nail is considered as three different parts based on which the coating is done to get the desired results. And it is more durable for a period of about more than three to four weeks that are longer than the ordinary nail polishes. These features best answers the question what are solar nails and the reason for their preference among people.

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