Today, most of the stock options and bonds traders are considering the annuity product in order to earn more real money on trading. You can get this product at the Benjamin online platform. It is one stop and reliable platform where you can surely able to get the best stock options and bonds trading for getting the maximum success in the trading. This product is not suitable for everyone because there are some of the legal matters available to ensure the eligibility of the traders in getting the Benjamin annuity.

Who is not suitable for buying the Benjamin annuity product?

The Benjamin annuity product is very effective for the traders who are all choosing the bonds and stock options at this platform. This product will not make sense for,

  • Those who need regular access to their money because it will allow you to withdraw your amount when it reaches the particular limit.
  • Those who would like to withdraw money before age 59.5. If you are trying to withdraw the annuity amount, there is about 10 % IRS penalty on the gains before this age.
  • Anyone who will not max out their 401 (k).
  • Those alone looking for the highest possible growth rate of their savings in this trading market. The experts in this Benjamin platform think that they are better off purchasing and holding only the lowest cost index fund.

About deposits and returns at Benjamin:

If you are willing to know more about the minimum deposit on the annuities, the experts at Benjamin platform require about 2,500 dollars minimum deposit to help ensuring that they are able to pay servicing costs. When it comes to the S & P 500 index keeps out payments, it allows them to offer more participation on the market than they can when the index includes the payments. By this away, the call options and stock options on the index which include the dividends or payments are too expensive.

The traders can able to replicate this annuity strategy yourself by assuming that you are totally comfortable buying the bonds and also managing the stock options portfolio. They are simply making a process too convenient for only the smallest fee. Additionally, as this annuity product is give you the best benefit of tax deferral at various situations and click this for more details. If the traders are now in the highest tax bracket, it can importantly save you on the taxes.


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