The management of FBA shipments credits and orders can become over whelming and time consuming. If the customer is not tracking the order placed by him and the credits then there are chances that of losing the money. If he doesn’t initiate any claim regarding damage caused by shipping, restocking fee and discrepancy in shipment or inventory then he will not receive any refund for which he is entitled to. For this there is a need of Refund Manager in order to protect the customer’s bottom line and get him paid the refund amount in easy and fast way.

With the help of MSW credentials of Amazon account, the Refund Manager can easily identifies the items that are

  • damaged or missing
  • locate the orders over credited to client or not credited
  • find late returns

He can easily handle all the cases on the behalf of customers so as to ensure that they receive the refunds for the returned orders on time. He will track the customer’s case from the start till finish so as to ensure that the customer’s account has been credited with the amount that the company owes to the customer.

The customer must not assume that the fees and the reimbursements are processed correctly. As there is so much inventory and sellers mistakes can happen. Refund Manager can help in recovery of funds that can sometimes be lost. There are no charges and the professionals help the customer in finding and locating the refunds. In case of replacement company ensures that the original product is returned.

There is a process that requires to be followed by the customer such as he has to sign up online. After that he has to enter all the credentials. The Refund Manager will track all the details from the day of opening your account till the day of return and he will import all the transactions of FBA from your account. He will review all the orders, products, returns and shipments so as to find the eligibility for reimbursement.

The manager on behalf of customer will submit a case to the company. He will report all the details regarding the amount recovered per case. Finally the customer will get paid the refund money at the right time. The company ensures that the customer gets exactly the same amount of refund which he had paid earlier.


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