We all need to empty our bowel and there are no two ways about it; however, the “when” and “where” can be a matter of concern at times. If you’re just at home, there’s nothing to be worried about; the real deal is probably just an arm away. Things can get a little clumsy if you’re in the outdoors, like an event, concert, backyard party, parking lot, construction site – the list is endless. The urge to go comes unannounced, and you’re lucky if there’s a restroom in the vicinity.

Sometimes, you need to settle for a portable, cubical sort of arrangement that can barely contain your width or height. Nonetheless, you got to be grateful that the enclosure shields you while you do your business.Although a portable potty is no match for your private, luxurious setup at home, it’s got all the essentials you can expect to find in a lavatory. Depending on the occasion, crowd,and location the aesthetics of porta potty rental near me can be customized to suit your preference.

Porta potty rental near me

Dirty Business

Portable potties were introduced in the 1960s and their popularity has soared tenfold ever since.The genius behind this invention is George Harding who received the first U.S. patent on the porta potty in 1962. They are a simple yet efficient solution for waste disposal onsite that doesn’t have restroom facilities.

If you’re curious about how the portable potty works, it’s goes something like this: the portable stall-like restroom is made of lightweight plastic.They are built to serve as a temporary toilet that can be installed on level land and can be moved to any locationof your choice.

Most potties are known to come with toilet paper antibacterial hand sanitizer dispensers.Unlike normal toilets, the portable potty doesn’t use traditional plumbing; instead, they contain powerful deodorizing chemicals to disinfect and manage waste.

Making a Run for It

It took brains, strategy, and thinking out-of-the-box that brought about the concept of portable toilets, something on the lines of potty on-the-go. Whatever you choose to call them, these wonder cubicles are probably the next best things after smartphones.

Porta potty

Imagine having to rush behind a bush infested with critters when your bladder is full; that’s not the best option, but hell, that’s the only option. But do you really have a choice when you need to empty your bladder or bowel? We didn’t think so.

 Dependable Potty Rentals

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