amazon suspension

Running an e-commerce business is a constant risk and not many people are willing to invest in such business but when a person sells on Amazon that is exactly what a person is getting into, a hell of a risky battlefield.

The strategy at Amazon involved a thorough investigation at the beginning of the account by seasoned analysts which is then followed by a comprehensive report that outlines the main issue for a seller. After the team has examined the account thoroughly they will immediately draft an appealing plan for the seller that covers almost every angle of the suspension. It is necessary to not add anything unnecessary to your amazon appeal plan of action.

What to ask yourself as a seller?amazon suspension

It is quite essential to ask how much information is one having about the seller performance health of the account from Amazon.

Is it a 100% sure that all the selling listings match with the products he or she has sent into FBA and also match the listing policies from Amazon? Does he or she have a designated compliance employee who keeps full track of policy changes at Amazon? How well is a seller familiar with the suppliers? Know the answers to each question related to the operation of the account and don’t delegate downwards to anyone who is having little idea of Amazon account should run. This is truly not an ordinary job and team at Amazon expects and demands nothing but only the best from each seller for most of the times.

For every seller, it is important to remember keeping it really short and sweet at the same time. Just don’t fill the POA with any long generic content that one could have found on google or on any search engine. There are multiple POAs pages are normally ignored in order to make a long story compact. One can make the first paragraph really solid with few sentences to set the team up for what the team can expect to read. Getting into the root cause as quickly as possible and showing them that the seller is already attacking each complaint that is self- identified. If the team don’t find the root cause of the analysis compelling, the team will not make it to the POA on which a seller has spent a lot of time agonizing over.


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